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Sales Policy
CREDIT POLICY: To establish an open account we require three (3) trade references and your bank reference.
PRICES: All invoices will be priced with the price in effect at time of shipment. All prices are subject to change without notice at any time.
CASH DISCOUNT: 1% 10 Net 30 Days to established accounts. If not discounted, all invoices shall be due, Net (30) thirty days from invoiced date.
CREDIT CARDS: All major credit cards accepted.
WARRANTIES: All pumps limited warranties, expressed or implied, are to be subject to their respective manufacturers inspection and decision.
DELIVERIES: All orders are based on F.O.B. Shipping Point without exception. Shipping schedules are subject to material availability and based on factory’s production schedules.
CANCELLATIONS: Orders placed with Water Cooling Corporation can be cancelled only with Water Cooling consent and upon terms that will indemnify Water Cooling against any type of loss. The purchaser will be billed for
reasonable charges based on expenses already incurred and commitments made by Water Cooling Corporation.
SHORTAGES: Shortage claims will not be considered unless they are reported within 10 days of receipt of shipment.
CLAIMS: Claims for goods lost or damaged in transit must be made with the delivering carrier by the purchaser, e.g. UPS, etc. They will help you to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. Please keep all pertinent
packing materials.
RETURN GOODS: Written permission must be obtained before returning any goods for credit or repair. Water Cooling Corporation will not be responsible for material returned without prior authorization.

All returned items must be returned “PREPAID”. Material returned will be subject to a minimum of 25% from the original invoiced price, for rehandling.

Obsolete items or any items made to “SPECIAL ORDER,” will not be considered or accepted for credit.

Water Cooling Corporation will not be liable in any manner for damage or loss to a shipment by a common carrier.
ILLUSTRATIONS: Illustrations and photographs in this catalog are intended for general illustrative purposes. Water Cooling reserves the right to ship other styles unless specific product request is made.

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