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LUTZ Portable Drum Transfer Pumps are
designed for the safe transfer of chemicals
from drums, carboys, tanks, or other containers.
The lightweight design allows them to be easily
moved from one job to another. Corrosion
resistant materials of construction can handle
even the most aggressive fluids. All pump
tubes and motors are interchangeable.The
multipurpose series offers high head or high
volume performance simply by changing the
impeller/rotor. Tubes are available in 27, 39,
and 47 inch lengths. Seal-less design can be
run dry for periods up to 30 minutes.

• Modular Construction
— Provides
complete interchangeability of pump tubes
and motors

• Replaceable Impeller Systems
use of high volume rotor or high head

• Constructed of Corrosion Resistant
— Handles a wide range of
corrosive fluids

• Top Canned Bearing Design
— Provides
simple bearing replacement and

B-70 High Viscosity Pump

Designed specifically for the transfer of highly viscous materials (up to 100,000 SSU). The B-70SR is a progressive cavity-positive displacement pump.The built in gear reduction systems reduces the actual pump speed to approximately 600 RPM. The B-70SR is constructed of 316SS with Teflon® Stator. Buna-N stators are also available. The B-70SR is available with either a mechanical seal or stuffing box. This pump tube can be used with any of our LUTZ motors, to accommodate all power supplies. The B-70SR is capable of flow rates up to 5.5 GPM with discharge pressures to 80 PSI. Some
common applications include the transfer of oils, grease, inks, soaps, shampoos, etc.





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